Half Price Bus Fares FAQs

These are our most frequently asked questions around half price public transport fares, an initiative announced by the government on 14 March 2022.

If you have a question that isn't addressed on this page, contact the TRC Transport team at transport@trc.govt.nz or by private message on Facebook @taranakipublictransport.

If you would like to speak to someone you can contact the team on 0800 BEE TRC (0800 233 872) (8am - 4pm weekdays only).

Is TRC taking part in the reduction of fares announced by the government? When does this start?

Yes TRC will be taking part in the discounted fare scheme - commencing Friday 1 April 2022.

 Is this for all Taranaki bus services?

This is for all Taranaki Regional Council Operated bus Services – including the Connector, Your Connector, Citylink Urban and School services, and all Southlink Services  - Opuanke to New Plymouth, Opunake to Hawera and Waverley to Hawera.

 What does this new fare structure look like?

Zones travelled

Bee Card














For example, if you travelled from Hawera to Stratford this would cost $1.50 if paying via Bee Card, or $2 with cash. If travelling from Hawera to New Plymouth, this would cost $2.50 if paying via Bee Card or $3 with cash.

 How are these fare reductions being funded?

As communicated in the Government’s announcement on 14 March, regional transport authorities like Taranaki Regional Council will be reimbursed by central government to compensate for any loss of fare revenue. For any further information on funding for this initiative, please contact the Ministry of Transport.

 Does this apply to Bee Card?

Yes Bee Card users will receive half price fares.  The fares will continue to be calculated by the number of zones travelled.

For example, if you are travelling within 1 zone you will pay $1.  If your travel takes you across multiple zones you will pay an additional 50c per zone crossed.  Bee card users MUST tag on and off to ensure the correct fare is charged.  Failing to tag correctly will result in the higher non-refundable cash fare being charged.

 Does this apply to cash fares?

Yes, if you are paying for your bus fare with cash you will receive a half price cash fare.  Fares will continue to be calculated by the number of zones travelled.  For example, if you travel from Hawera to New Plymouth the cash fare will be $3 one way.

 Does this apply to Total Mobility? I thought they were already half price?

From Friday 1 April 2023, Total Mobility trips will be a further 50% off the usual subsidised fare.  Therefore Total Mobility customers now get a 75% discount on their one-way subsidised taxi fare.

Taranaki has a $40 cap per trip, so the maximum contribution TRC provides per one way trip is currently $30.

 For example:

Total taxi fare Customer pays TRC pays
$20 $5 $15
$30 $7.50 $22.50
$40 $10 $30 (max. subsidy reached)
$50 $20 $30 (max. subsidy reached)
$60 $30 $30 (max. subsidy reached)
$70 $40 $30 (max. subsidy reached)

 Does this apply to SuperGold Card holders?

Yes, Bee Card users who have a SuperGold Card Concession applied will continue to receive free off peak travel from 9am to 3pm weekdays and all day Saturday.  If travel is taken outside of these times, SuperGold Card users will incur the reduced Bee Card fares.  Failing to tag on and off correctly throughout the day will result in a higher non-refundable cash fare being charged, and may cause your Bee Card to fail on your next bus trip.

 Does this apply to WITT students?

WITT students already travel for free when they show their current student ID as part of a co-funding arrangement with WITT – so there will be no change to their travel.

 What happens if I am overcharged?

If you believe your Bee Card has been overcharged please check your TAG ON and TAG OFF transactions in your online Bee Card account.  Bee Cards that are not tagged off correctly WILL incur a non-refundable default cash fare. If you notice other unusual charges on your account please email the Transport team at transport@trc.govt.nz or phone the Bee team on 0800 BEE TRC (0800 233 872).

 What do I need to do in order to get the discount?

There are no additional steps you need to take in order to receive the discounted fares as these will be applied automatically when you use your Bee Card or pay via cash. 

When do the discounted fares finish?

30 June 2023 is the last day for travel under this current proposal.

 Why can we just not continue with these discounted fares? Why can’t the reduced fares continue after 30 June 2023?

From 1 April 2022 to 30 June 2023 fare discounts are being financially supported by the Government as a result of rising fuel costs. Should this funding be extended then our fares will be reviewed. 

What about the free children fares that were announced by the Government?

We welcome the proposal of free public transport for children aged 12 and under and half price fares for passengers aged 13 to 24. We’re currently working through upcoming changes to public transport fares announced in the government's 2023 budget and will update you as soon as we know more.