How to use the Journey Planner

A quick 'how-to' guide to help you plan your journey on Taranaki's public transport system using the Journey Planner.

1. Enter the ‘From A’ location and ‘To B’ destination in the text boxes. Locations can be specific e.g. “47 Cloten Road” or “Stratford”. As you type, the Journey Planner will suggest locations for you to choose from.

Journey Planner - fields
2. Enter the date you intend to travel.

3. Enter the time you aim to arrive or leave by.

4. Click ‘Show my journey’. The best available public transport option will be suggested. The suggested route will be displayed on the map (desktop view only) as well as a more detailed description displayed under ‘Your journey’.

To view more bus timetable information click ‘Go to bus timetables’ at the bottom of the Journey Planner page.

Journey Planner - Go to bus timetables