Council elections 2019

Final results from the October 2019 Council elections:

North Taranaki constituency (two seats)

Mike Davey
Donald McIntyre 3428
Chris Wilkes  2602
Informal: 277 | Blank: 466

New Plymouth constituency (five seats)

David Lean 9876
Charlotte Littlewood 9796
Craig Williamson  9557 
Tom Cloke  9429
Elvisa Van Der Leden  6783
Bev Raine 6256
Rusty Kane 5312
Bob Waugh  4900
Mike Swift  4756
Informal: 185 | Blank: 959

South Taranaki constituency (three seats)

Neil Walker 4788
Michael Joyce 4643
David MacLeod  4310
Alan Murray 4169
Informal: 4 | Blank: 733

Stratford constituency (one seat)

Matthew McDonald (sole nomination)

View the constituency map [JPG, 192 KB]

Candidate expense declarations [PDF, 2.5 MB]

Pre-Election Report

A Pre-Election Report was prepared to inform the regional community and to promote public discussion about any financial issues facing the Council. It brings together information previously published in other Council documents – including its 2018/2028 Long-Term Plan, annual plans and annual reports.

The report provides historic information for the past three financial years (2016/2017 to 2018/2019), an overview of the current election year (2019/2020) and the Council’s planned performance and financial position for the next three years (2020/2021-2022/2023). It also provides information on the works programme and major projects the Council expects to deliver over the next three years.

As required by law, the Pre-Election Report is prepared by the Council’s Chief Executive and not the current elected Council members.

Download the Pre-Election Report [PDF, 718 KB]