Auditor-General not proceeding to investigate complaint into Yarrow Stadium

Taranaki Regional Council acknowledges the Auditor-General’s decision not to proceed with an investigation into Yarrow Stadium.

After consideration, the Auditor-General’s Office today announced it would not investigate a complaint into the regional council’s community consultation process about Yarrow Stadium, which led to a decision to repair and refurbish the regional facility.

A formal complaint was laid with the Auditor-General's Office disputing the public consultation process about the future of Yarrow Stadium.

TRC Chair David MacLeod says he is confident with the consultation process the Regional Council ran and the decision made. The task now is to crack on with getting Yarrow Stadium repaired and refurbished.

“I am confident in the robust process that the council ran. The council heard a wide range of views from residents, listened to and debated those carefully, before coming to a unanimous decision.

“It was a comprehensive process, with good deliberation, to ensure Yarrow Stadium is repaired and refurbished, fit for the future and returned to a top class facility that our community can enjoy and make the most of,” Mr MacLeod says.