Get yourself in pole position

Recent storms have again shown the volatility of our weather and the inability of some land to cope with large quantities of water over a short period.

Poles can be used to stabilise erosion-prone hillslopes

Poles can be used to stabilise erosion-prone hillslopes

If you’re a Taranaki hillcountry farmer, you’ll be all too familiar with erosion and other storm-related land issues, but you can help protect your soil with fencing, planting, forestry and reversion.

The Taranaki Regional Council provides funding for those soil conservation measures through its South Taranaki and Regional Erosion Support Scheme (STRESS), and now is the right time to complete STRESS fencing projects and order poles.

Soil is a valuable asset. Poplar and willow poles help protect it from erosion, and they also produce stock fodder. The New Zealand Poplar and Willow Research Trust has just released videos on how to plant and manage them, which will help you with their maintenance.

To watch the videos, go to (external link) .

To order poles or discuss STRESS projects, contact your Land Management Officer, or call 0800 736 222 or email Read more about STRESS at (external link)