Make your mark and vote in the 2022 local elections

Voters will get the chance to make their mark and choose who will make the big decisions around the Taranaki Regional Council table when voting packs arrive from 16 September.

There are 24 candidates running for 11 seats across the region with the election ending at noon on Saturday 8 October. Voting papers should be posted before 5 October to ensure voters make their voice counted.

Council Chief Executive Steve Ruru urged Taranaki residents not to miss the chance to have their say.

“We really want to see as many people as possible getting involved in local democracy as your councillors will be making some big calls that will directly impact on people’s lives.

“We know that the turnout for local elections has been low in recent years so it’s vital we get the message out to people that your vote counts. Please take the time to find out more about your candidates and what they stand for and get those voting papers in the post as soon as possible.”

The Council uses the first past the post electoral system and this year’s election will see the addition of a Māori constituency for the whole of Taranaki and a reduction in the number of South Taranaki Constituency members from three to two.

Elsewhere, voters will elect five members in the New Plymouth constituency, two members in North Taranaki and one member in Stratford and the councillors will serve a term of three years.

For information on the candidates, please head to link)