Taranaki underwater

Underwater footage is giving residents a rare glimpse of the abundant life and creatures in a key native ecosystem in north Taranaki.

Dozens of regionally-distinctive longfin eels (tuna) and schools of juvenile whitebait (inanga) can be seen in Oakura waterways that are part of a Key Native Ecosystem on private land.

The footage was captured by a Taranaki Regional Council Environment Officer monitoring biodiversity and biosecurity work by the landowner.

There are 193 Key Native Ecosystems on private land, spread throughout the region, where the Council works with landowners caring for native habitats and biodiversity.

Stephen Hall, TRC Director of Operations, says it’s awesome to see these waterways teeming with life.

“Taranaki residents can take a bow - their hard work has achieved some awesome results.”

“However, the work’s not over. Whether it’s destroying predators, streamside planting, or restoring native habitats, it all enriches life, taking Taranaki forward. To continue this we need to continue working together,” Mr Hall says.