TRC establishes stadium project governance group

The Taranaki Regional Council has established a governance group for the Yarrow Stadium upgrade project, following advice from New Plymouth District Council that they were not in a position to deliver the repair and refurbishment project.

The Council is committed to delivering the project on time and within budget and has brought the appropriate expertise and skills to bear to achieve this. The governance structure includes a project steering group and a project delivery team with the steering group reporting to the Council’s Executive, Audit and Risk Committee.

The group structure was developed based on advice from Mr Bruce Robertson, former Assistant Auditor-General with special responsibility for local government, who is being appointed to the Council’s Executive, Audit and Risk Committee to provide independent advice and assurance as the project progresses.

“The establishment of this project governance structure is the next step in the implementation of the Yarrow Stadium upgrade,” says Taranaki Regional Council Chairman David MacLeod.

“We’re delighted that we’ll have the benefit of Mr Robertson’s extensive experience and expertise in local government financial oversight.”

“We’re all looking forward to getting on with the job to get the best regional stadium in New Zealand back to work, and working with our partner, New Plymouth District Council, to ensure the district and the region gain the maximum benefit from this iconic and international-grade venue.”