Oil & gas - waste treatment & disposal

These reports cover the processes known as landfarming and deep well injection.

Greymouth Petroleum Ltd Hawera landfarm

Origin Energy Resources NZ Ltd deep well injection

Origin Energy Resources Ltd and AR Geary landfarms

These reports cover landfarms on Geary Rd, Manutahi (Geary and Schrider sites) and on Spence Rd, Kakaramea. The Geary and Schrider sites have been reinstated to productive farmland and disposals at the Spence site finished in 2012.

Annual report 2015-2016 (3.5 MB pdf) More reports

Shell Todd Oil Services Ltd deep well injection

Todd Generation Junction Road Power Station

The Todd Generation Ltd Company (the Company) operates gas fired power plant, Junction Road Power Plant (JRPP). It is located at 688 Junction Road, New Plymouth, in the Waiwhakaiho catchment.

Todd Generation Junction Road Power Station Monitoring Programme Annual Report 2020 2021 (1.3 MB pdf) More reports