Interim review of the Regional Policy Statement for Taranaki

The Council is taking stock of the Regional Policy Statement (RPS) for Taranaki, which became operative in 2010.

A draft review of the RPS has been prepared and your feedback is invited. Comments are required by Friday 7 April 2017.

Download the draft review here:

The RPS is an important document. While it contains no rules the Taranaki Regional Council and the district councils must give effect to its objectives and policies.

The draft review concludes that the RPS is standing the test of time well, is making good progress towards achieving its stated objectives, and has not identified any deficiencies that warrant urgent remedy. However, a number of ‘change’ factors have been identified which should be addressed when undertaking the full 10-year statutory review in 2020.

The report assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of the RPS by using the Council’s state of environment monitoring, output monitoring and databases to examine whether the RPS achieved its stated outcomes and whether outcomes sought were achieved and whether and to what extent the Council delivered on RPS commitments. The report also assesses the efficiency of the RPS - that is, does it represent value for money?

The Council is now seeking feedback from key stakeholders on the preliminary findings set out in the report. You are invited to provide comments on the following:

  • Whether the RPS is achieving its purpose and the issues remain relevant.
  • Whether the RPS has been effective in terms of achieving stated outcomes and implementing its methods.
  • Whether RPS provisions are useful and readable.
  • Whether the RPS has been efficient in terms of its benefits being greater than its costs.
  • Whether any changes are urgently required (having regard to the criteria set out in Section 2.2 of the report) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the RPS and/or to ensure its ongoing relevance in terms of new national and regional initiatives and policies.

You can send us your comments in writing, by email, or by using the online feedback form on this webpage.

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