Removal of West Stand bleachers

You may be used to seeing our regional rugby stars doing some heavy lifting at Yarrow Stadium, but the effort shown here is in a whole new dimension!

Our time-lapse camera caught the removal of concrete bleachers from West Stand (aka Noel & Melva Yarrow Stand) so the crew from Clelands can stabilise the ground beneath and re-anchor the stadium with new deep piles.

The 351 bleachers weigh 2.8 tonnes each and as you can see, they’ve been parked on the main pitch alongside the 4400-odd seats that rested on them. Seats and bleachers will go back into the Stand when the repairs are finished – and don’t worry, the seats will be given a good scrub-up so they look like new again.

The main pitch was already due for replacement, and this is also on the agenda. We’ll give you more details as soon as they are finalised.

For the moment, we can only describe the pitch condition as hard. Hard as concrete!