Intensification and land-use change

Intensification includes conversions of plantation forestry to pastoral land use and any land to dairy farmland.

Intensification and land use change

From 3 September 2020, converting more than 10 ha of land to more intensive use will require resource consent.


Key information

A resource consent is required if you want to undertake any of the following activities: 

  • Converting more than 10ha of land to more intensive land use
  • Increase the area of land used for dairy support above the highest annual amount used from any prior year between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2019. 

To acquire resource consent, landowners must demonstrate that the contaminant load will not increase and contaminant concentration in receiving environments will not increase (compared to levels pre 3 September 2020).

Converting less than 10ha of land to more intensive land use is a permitted activity and resource consent is not required.

These rules apply until 1 January 2025, or when the TRC notifies its Natural Resources Plan (whichever date is earliest).


Additional resources

Ministry for the Environment - Essential Freshwater: Agricultural intensification factsheet(external link)