Talking on Water 10: Are we there yet?

Taranaki has made good progress to date on water quality - but it's a never-ending story.

Talking on Water cartoon 10.Taranaki has made good progress to date on water quality – in investment and interventions and in results. But the Taranaki Regional Council wants to see the bar lifted further. We’re not satisfied yet.

Never-ending story

The Taranaki Regional Council has an important role, representing the community’s aspirations and voices, and making the important decisions about how to improve water quality further.

The Council’s requirements for good farm management in Taranaki aim to have the riparian programme substantially completed within five years, and diversion of almost all dairy shed effluent to land and out of streams within 13 years.

We estimate that these measures will reduce the discharges of nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, and sediment, and bacteria, to our streams and rivers by over 50%. They will also improve in-stream and streambank habitat and biodiversity, reduce water temperatures, protect streambanks from erosion and stock trampling, will mean less weed growth on stream beds, and will reduce stock losses.

These proposed targets have been developed in close consultation with those they most affect. They balance practicality and progressive affordability with a desire and commitment to see the region’s waterways enhanced further. As the Council progresses the preparation of a new freshwater plan, the community will have further opportunity to have its say.