Reporting water-use data

There are a number of options for reporting your water-use data.

Telemetering your water-use data

Telemetery means that your water-use data is automatically sent directly to the Council database, or via a telemetry service provider.

Some consent holders are required to have telemetery but this option is also available to consent holders who are not required by their resource consent to telemeter their data.

Advantages of telemetry

  • Telemetry automatically records your water-use for you, and transfers it directly into our database in real time so you have a secure, economical and efficient method to access remote data instantly and confidentially.
  • You get text and email alarm notifications when water abstraction rates and or volumes are exceeded.
  • It saves time and costs by eliminating manual data collection, and assisting with reporting water use to the Council.
  • Monitoring water use is only one function of telemetry and the Council encourages users to fully utilise it by also monitoring pump status, volumes and rate, soil moisture levels, climate, security etc


You can install a datalogger on your meter which will collect the data digitally. You will still need to upload the data and supply it to us as required.

Manual reporting

You can also keep manual records where you will physically read the water meter and record the information at intervals required by your consent.

If your consent requires you to keep manual records (that is, you do not have a datalogger, or your data is telemetered), your abstraction data for the period 1 July to 30 June needs to be submitted to the Council by 31 July. You will receive a reminder notification in May. You can:

  • Email your records to
  • Drop them off at our office at 47 Cloten Road, Stratford.
  • Post to Taranaki Regional Council, Private Bag 713, Stratford, or fax to 06 765 5097.

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