Farming for the future

Free farm plans from the Taranaki Regional Council can help dairy farmers and hillcountry farmers future-proof their livelihoods.

Requirements for good farm management in Taranaki

Download or order this handy, plain-English booklet to help ensure you are following acceptable environmental practices on your farm. 

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Council farm plans address:

  • Riparian (streamside) management on the ring plain.
  • Soil erosion in the hillcountry.
  • Protection of wetlands and other valuable habitats.
  • Eradication of possums and other pests that threaten agricultural production and native biodiversity.

How do our plans benefit your farm?

Addressing issues such as water quality and soil erosion bring proven land-management benefits and allow the best long-term use to be made of the land

Fencing and planting waterways, for example, reduces stock losses by drowning or to water-borne disease, as well as improving a property’s aesthetic and biodiversity values.

And actively managing a hillcountry property to prevent soil erosion means making the best and most productive use of its soil types, thus increasing profitability and sustainability.

Then there is the customer to consider. At home and in our vital overseas markets, consumers have increasingly high expectations about the environmental credentials of the primary products they buy. All eyes are on farmers.

Want to know more?

Call the Council on 0800 736 222 and ask for a Land Management Officer, email or explore the pages of this website.