Requirements for good farm management in Taranaki

This handy, plain-English booklet will help Taranaki farmers ensure they are following acceptable environmental practices.

Download or order this booklet if you're a farmer. [PDF, 1.5 MB]It’s designed to be the first port of call for information on the Taranaki Regional Council’s requirements across the broad spectrum of on-farm activities and developments. It brings together a lot of the measures that the Council has been implementing as a result of all the work and discussion that has gone into the review of the Regional Freshwater Plan for Taranaki.

Download the guide here, or contact the Council if you would like hard copies. There is no charge.

Requirements for good farm management in Taranaki [PDF, 1.5 MB]

In recent years, the Council has alerted farmers to two major priorities:

  • The discharge of farm dairy effluent to land, in most cases. The switch to land-based disposal is occurring as consents expire, or earlier. Farmers are encouraged to plan ahead and talk early to Council staff before upgrading or building a new system.
  • Completion of riparian fencing, including wetlands, and planting by the end of the decade. Most farmers are on target but those who haven’t got a Certificate of Completion for their riparian plan by 2020 are highly likely to face costly regulatory requirements — either from this Council or central Government, which is planning new regulations for stock exclusion.

These and many other matters are covered in the guide, which farmers are urged to keep and use.

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