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Schools newsletter - May 2019

Fun times composting

Tue 14 May 2019

Highlights of the adventures and discoveries we shared with Taranaki students during Term 1, 2019:

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Schools newsletter - February 2019

Huirangi School bioblitz

Tue 05 Feb 2019

In this issue: All about BioBlitzes.

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Schools newsletter - October 2018

Young trappers protecting biodiversity

Thu 18 Oct 2018

In this issue: Towards Predator-Free Taranaki; and an update on the TRC's education programme.

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Schools newsletter August 2018

School project

Thu 02 Aug 2018

In this issue: Taranaki Taku Tūranga - Our Place, Towards a Predator-Free Taranaki; and joining hands with Enviroschools.

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Schools newsletter May 2018

Tree house at Pukeiti

Tue 01 May 2018

This edition: Pukeiti Rainforest School - an outstanding venue for environmental education.

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Schools newsletter January 2018


Mon 29 Jan 2018

This edition: The Council's Education Programme. From alpine rainforest to rocky shore, we offer a range of educational experiences and resources for students and teachers.

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Schools newsletter October 2017


Tue 17 Oct 2017

This edition: Biosecurity and biodiversity — and Kevin Archer's final farewell.

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Schools newsletter July 2017

WTPS block2

Thu 20 Jul 2017

Meet 'Stan' and learn about Civil Defence, and how schools can do their bit for emergency preparedness.

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