Urban possum control

The Council’s urban possum control programme has had encouraging results reducing possum and rat numbers in urban areas with benefits for native wildlife and private gardens and orchards.

What we do

The Council works with New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) and residents interested in being involved in this voluntary programme.

Building on the NPDC’s possum control in parks, reserves and walkways, the Regional Council coordinates possum control on private land between and adjacent to the areas not currently covered by NPDC’s operations.

Urban possom controlWe undertake initial possum control and then support private property owners to keep possum numbers low, with on-going advice and an extension programme.

We've got it covered

First established in the urban Waiwhakaiho catchment in early 2014, the Te Henui and Huatoki urban catchments were later included and in 2015 the programme was extended to Herekawe catchment (see map).

The urban possum control programme covers almost all of New Plymouth’s urban area extending from the Waiwhakaiho River to the Herekawe Stream, and inland to the city’s boundary.

Public awareness

Skilled contractors work with residents to choose safe and efficient possum control methods for their property. They also erect signs in key places advising the public of control methods and the precautions they need to take. General advice to the public in possum control areas includes:

  • Do not handle baits, bait stations or animal carcasses. 
  • Supervise children carefully. 
  • Keep your dog under control in public areas. 

For more information on the New Plymouth urban possum control programme, contact our Environment Services team