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Policy and Planning Agenda Oct 2023 web

notified on 8 December 2022 and took effect from 5 January 2023. 14. Amendments included consenting pathways made available for quarrying activities, landfills and cleanfill areas, mineral mining and some urban development. Consent pathways have high threshold tests that relate to the significance of the activity with impacts managed through the effects management hierarchy. 15. The definition of 'natural inland wetland' has also been clarified making it easier to undertake activities

Policy & Planning agenda July 2020

on the ground and/or to facilitate access to 'vector' sites such as quarries or aggregate stockpiling areas. Proactive surveillance can target high-risk species in specific habitats or at specific times of year when target species are most likely to be visible. Proactive surveillance represents a 'step' change from the region's current reliance on passive surveillance (i.e. sightings by landowners or the public) and the risk of a pest being well established before being noticed.  …

Agenda Regional Transport Committee 2 June 2021

investigate and progress.  Process for Waka Kotahi to follow-up the state highway issues raised by the community through LTP and RLTP consultation – agreed to collate and forward through the issues raised to Dan Tate and Ross I’Anson.  Issues with ensuring appropriate aggregate for projects is available, with quarries facing a range of challenges through RMA and other legislative processes, making it not an attractive business and a number of quarries closing as a result.  The lack of

Full Council meeting Agenda August 2021

for Taranaki. This involved a discharge into Ordinary Meeting - Consents and Regulatory Committee Minutes 14 page air and onto land from the burning and dumping of demolition material at an old quarry site. 5.2 Officers were congratulated for their work on the prosecution. Recommended That the Taranaki Regional Council: a) receives this report and notes the successful outcome of the prosecution of Jeremy Thomas Cottam, Racheal Teresa Cottam and

Taranaki State of the Environment Report 2009

Ferndene Quarries Limited; Greymouth Petroleum Limited; Fulton Hogan Limited; Blast It; Clark & Rogers Limited; Halliburton New Zealand Limited; B J & L B Bishop; Berridge Pet Food; D M & D L Bourke; Chevron New Zealand; AB & DM Sybrandy Contracting Limited; Dick Sybrandy Limited; ALSCO NZTS New Zealand; New Plymouth Quarries Ltd; Meadowvale Stud Farm Limited; TrustPower Limited; New Zealand Oil Services Ltd; AA Contracting Ltd; Winstone Aggregates Limited;

14AEE AppendixL

in the previous survey. Over all sites, twenty-eight fish were recorded across four species. This included the capture of a banded kokopu in the unnamed tributary. Unlike in the previous survey, which observed seven dead eels at and downstream of site 2, there were no observations made that posed particular concern. There was significant discolouration observed downstream of the wormfarm and quarry access road, but no obvious hydrocarbon contamination of the Haehanga Stream like that recorded

Biennial report 2012-2014

quarry where the water supply bore for Wai-inu Beach is situated. Table 2 Groundwater monitoring sites Name Site Code Location Grid reference, NZTM MP1 MP2 MP3 MP4 MP5 GND1124 GND000097 GND000098 GND000099 GND0686 Spring N (downslope) of Stage 1 irrigaiton area, adjacent to Waitotara River Piezometer, N (downslope) corner of Stage 2 irrigation area Piezometer, S (upslope) corner of Stage 2 irrigation area Piezometer, NE (downslope)

Annual report 2014-2015

area. MP3 is about 35 metres downslope of the old effluent overflow trench and of the new Stage IV area. MP4 is in the lower part of the Stage IV area, about 200 metres downslope of the Stage III area and about 35 metres upslope of the effluent overflow trench. The effluent overflow trench runs between MP3 and MP4 to the wetland. MP5 is beside Wai-inu Beach Road. It lies between Longview Farm irrigation area and the old quarry where the water supply bore for Wai-inu Beach is situated. MP6