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Birds & Lizards - Episodes 6-8

Episode 6: Backyard Birds

**Episode 6: Backyard Birds** In today’s episode of Backyard Biodiversity, we’ll introduce you to some of the feathered...

Posted by Backyard Biodiversity - Taiao Taiepa Ki Tua on Monday, 20 April 2020

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Episode 7: Building Backyard Bird Habitat

Episode 7: Building Backyard Bird Habitat

**Episode 7: Building Backyard Bird Habitat** Today’s episode of Backyard Biodiversity is “The Block” for birds, showing you how to transform your garden into a bird paradise. From planting natives to making fruit lollipops and fatty bird pudding, we’ll show you how to get the birds flocking to your garden this winter. **Today's Task** Let us know what the birds are feeding on in your garden at the moment. We’d love to see photos or videos of your bird lollipops, puddings and/or feeders. There are some great resources for helping you attract birds to your backyard: For information on ‘what’ and ‘what not’ to feed garden birds: Monthly calendar of plants for native birds: For general information on how to attract birds to your garden: Recipe for making bird pudding and instructions for making a bird nectar feeder (see page 2): For further resources, check out our website or YouTube channel: Website: YouTube channel: Join us again on Tuesday to learn more about backyard lizards. Ka kite anō au i a koutou / See you soon! #Rotokare #TRC #BackyardBiodiversity #GetOutside

Posted by Backyard Biodiversity - Taiao Taiepa Ki Tua on Thursday, 23 April 2020


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Episode 8: Backyard Lizards


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