Environmental leadership in dairy farming

Dairy category winners in the 2021 Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Awards.

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PW and J Campbell Trusts Partnership  - for environmental stewardship and the protection of wetlands and other important native habitat.

Peter and the late Jan Campbell, and daughters Claire and Helen and their families, have protected 36 hectares of wetlands and bush on their 376 hectares at Waverley. The wetlands are fenced at margins of up to 20 metres, and 15,850 native plants have been planted to protect the wetlands and watercourses feeding them, with more plants to come. They’ve also fenced 10 kilometres of waterways. The wetlands contain notable species including swamp maire and spotless crake. The families are committed to their ongoing protection, taking out additional QEII covenants. Peter is a keen advocate of the wetlands’ value to the environment. He also tests pasture soils to prevent excess nutrient input, and keeps the soil healthy by replanting without tilling.

Woodleigh Ltd - for environmental stewardship and the protection of wetlands and other important native habitat.

The presence of matuku, or Australasian bittern, and other endangered species convinced Bruce Middleton to make the environment a priority when he converted his 227-hectare Waverley farm from drystock to dairying. The family has protected an extensive wetland on the property with 15 kilometres of fencing and 5,400 native plants, with more plants to come. The wetlands are transforming before their eyes. Introduced grasses have given way to native species, with harakeke, mānuka, karamū and and tī kōuka, or cabbage tree, making an appearance. The wetland also includes pockets of swamp forest with kahikatea, pukatea and swamp maire protected by buffers of up to 20 metres. The Middletons are also fencing off gully areas and planting them to restore the original bush.

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