Strategic Plan Review Process

Strategic Plan Review

The Council is implementing a strategic plan review process to:

  • break down the work required
  • introduce change in a controlled and strategic manner
  • make it more manageable for the community to be involved.

There are three tranches to this process:

  • Stream 1: Freshwater focus (current - notification scheduled mid 2025)
  • Stream 2: Regional direction (2025 onwards)
  • Stream 3: Air (2025 onwards)
Document Status Stream
Regional Policy Statement for Taranaki Under review

Stream 1 - Freshwater and land provisions

Stream 2 - all other RPS provisions

Regional Freshwater Plan Under review Stream 1
Regional Soil Plan Under review Stream 1
Regional Air Plan Under review Stream 3
Regional Coastal Plan Operational NA


Stream 1: Freshwater focus

This first stream focuses on updating the Councils land and freshwater directions.

This includes reviewing:

  • the land and freshwater chapters in the regional policy statement
  • reviewing the freshwater plan
  • reviewing the soil plan

The Regional Policy Statement will be partially reviewed to incorporate changes to the land and freshwater chapters, and include any other consequential amendments throughout. More information can be found here.

The freshwater and soil plans will be combined into a new Land and Freshwater Plan for Taranaki.  More information can be found here.

Notification is expected mid-2025.

Stream 2: Regional direction

Following stream 1, the Council will review the remaining chapters in the Regional Policy Statement.

Notification is expected 2026.

Stream 3: Air

Either at the same time or shortly following stream 2, the Council will notify a revised Regional Air Plan for Taranaki.

Notification is expected 2026.