Booking, bus stops & other info

Everything you need to know about using the Hāwera-New Plymouth Connector bus service.

Timetable & fares

The Connector runs four return trips a day between Hāwera and New Plymouth, with an extension from and to Opunake on the first and last run of the day. See the timetable page for full details.

WITT students travel for free but must produce a current WITT student ID card when boarding the bus (Bee Card is no longer required).

Hospital patients and visitors travel free but must have booked through the Taranaki District Health Board or their local health centre. Call Hāwera 278 9929, Stratford 765 7189 or New Plymouth 753 6139.

SuperGold Card holders can travel for free on off-peak services between 9am and 3pm. SuperGold Card Concession must be applied to the Bee Card to receive the free travel. Any trips taken during peak time will incur the aplicable fare.


Bus stops

The timetable lists designated bus stops but passengers may be picked up anywhere along the route where it is safe to stop. Prior arrangement is essential, however. Call 0800 26 63 28 to arrange a pick-up point.

You can’t hail the Connector. Outside of designated stops, it will stop only by prior arrangement. The timetable is very tight and the service needs to run on time.

Connector bookings are no longer essential (except for TDHB patients/ visitors). We recommend that all Connector passengers be at their bus stop or pick-up point at least five minutes before the bus is due. Please raise your hand at the designated bus stop so the driver knows you would like a ride.

School and non-WITT tertiary students

School students aged 5 to 16 and living in South Taranaki can use either the Connector or the Your Connector bus to get to and from school, including the late afternoon service if necessary. Bookings are no longer required.

Non-WITT tertiary students can use the service but must pay the relevant fare.

Seating & seatbelts

The Connector bus has 41 seats, each fitted with a seatbelt. Two seatbelt extensions are also available. Please ask the driver.

Health and disability access

Feeling unwell?

Please advise the driver when boarding if you feel unwell or do so at any stage of your journey.

Passengers requiring special assistance

We welcome passengers requiring special assistance and will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

As our drivers travel alone, we do have some limitations regarding the level of assistance we are able to provide, and therefore passengers need to be able to get on and off the bus independently.

Passengers are advised that they must negotiate a step to gain entry to the bus, and there are internal steps to the passenger seating area.

Passengers who require somebody to lift them on and off the bus must arrange for this assistance at pick-up and drop-off points.

Mobility impairments

The service does not cater for people with significant mobility impairments.

Please contact St John Hāwera (06 278 6249) or Ironside Vehicle Society (06 753 6469) for assistance.

Blind and visually impaired passengers

Please contact us prior to travel if your sight is impaired so that we can inform the driver. Phone 0800 26 63 28.

Travelling with a service dog

Certified service dogs are permitted to travel on the Connector service when they are accompanying and assisting a person with a disability. The dog must wear an identification tag with the owner's name, address and telephone number, and be restrained at all times.

Please prepare the dog for the journey by exercising and limiting its fluid intake for several hours before boarding the bus.

Prams, pushchairs and buggies (PPBs)

We want to make bus travel easier for people with young children using buggies/strollers/prams. The Connector will accept passengers with buggies up to a width of 700mm and a length of 1200mm unfolded. Please note that:

  • Drivers are not required to assist with loading or unloading of PPBs.
  • PPBs must be folded up.
  • Parents are responsible for securing and holding the PPB.
  • Children must not remain in their PPB.

Right to refuse travel

Drivers can refuse travel at any time if they consider:

  • That the buggy exceeds the dimensions set out above.
  • That the bus is so crowded that there is no room for the passenger and buggy to travel safely.

Drivers may only refuse entry when it is absolutely necessary. No one already travelling on the bus can be asked to get off.


The Connector bus has one storage compartment (950mm wide x 650mm deep x 650mm high).

Up to two pieces per person weighing a maximum of 25kg each per person may be carried. Each piece of luggage should not be more than 300mm wide x 700mm long x 550mm high.

If you have luggage requirements, please contact Pickering Motors to advise them of your intention to travel. Ph 0800 26 63 28.

Extra luggage may be carried subject to space availability.

Chilly bins, boxes and bags carrying food and frozen goods will not be accepted for transportation.

Pickering Motors carries luggage subject to the Carriage of Goods Act 1979.

Carry-on luggage

For safety reasons, each customer is limited to one carry-on item (max 5kg).

If you are travelling with a baby, you may take a collapsible pushchair or carrycot and one extra piece of luggage.

Handbags, umbrellas, walking sticks and other aids are permitted.

As we are a passenger service, we do not carry unaccompanied luggage.

Chilly bins, boxes and bags carrying food and frozen goods will not be accepted for transportation.

Pickering Motors carries carry-on luggage subject to the Carriage of Goods Act 1979.

Please note that Pickering Motors will not accept responsibility for carry-on items lost on board during or after travel.


Infants must travel with an adult parent or guardian over the age of 18 (one infant per adult). An infant must be carried on an adult's lap.


WIth the sole exception of service dogs travelling with people with disabilities, we are unable to carry animals on board.


Freight is carried on the service on behalf of the Taranaki District Health Board. Passengers may not be permitted to board the bus while the driver attends to the freight. Passengers must wait and follow all driver instructions advising them when they are able to board the bus.

Unaccompanied minors

A minor is deemed to be someone aged 7-12 inclusive. A minor is deemed to be unaccompanied if they are not accompanied by a person over the age of 18 years. No child less than seven years old may travel alone.

Pickering Motors will carry unaccompanied minors on the Connector services, provided that they are booked and an application form completed. The form can be downloaded from this page in PDF or Word format.

If an unaccompanied minor arrives at the bus and the driver does not have a record of the booking the child will not be permitted to travel unless the guardian is present to complete a form at that time.

Pickering Motors cannot be held responsible for unaccompanied minors before, during or after the journey.