Waste disposal & site contamination

These studies include region-wide and site-specific projects.

Bayly Rd detailed site investigation 2016

This report is by Pattle Delamore Partners, who were engaged by the Taranaki Regional Council to undertake a detailed site investigation of the property adjacent to Bayly Road and Ocean View Parade in New Plymouth. Ngati Te Whiti intend to develop a marae at the site, which incorporates the culturally significant Waitapu Urupa. The site has a history of oil drilling activities, resulting in the potential for soil and groundwater contamination.

Bayly Rd detailed site investigation 2016 (21 MB pdf) (single document only)

Illegal dumping of waste in Taranaki

This 2014 report gave an indication of the scale of the 'fly tipping' problem in Taranaki, and laid the groundwork for a region-wide education and enforcement campaign

Illegal dumping of waste in the Taranaki region (689 KB pdf) (single document only)

Inventory of solid wastes management & disposal in Taranaki

This 2009 study covered the the collection, recycling, recovery, treatment, and disposal of industrial and agricultural wastes other than through Colson Road landfill. It included liquid wastes such as used oil, paints, grease trap/sump wastes, and farm effluent, as well as some wastes of a more commercial nature such as electronic waste and cooking oils.

Inventory of solid wastes management & disposal in Taranaki (694 KB pdf) (single document only)

Marfell Park environmental investigation 2009

When drums containing chemical residue were unearthed by contractors at Marfell Park, New Plymouth, in May 2009, concerns were raised within the community about potential dioxin and other contamination within the old landfill underlying the park. The Council commissioned Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd to carry out a soil sampling investigation.

Marfell Park environmental investigation (1.6 MB pdf) (single document only)