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Hundreds of Taranaki people have already become urban trappers, doing their bit for our precious biodiversity. Why don't you join them?

To support our native wildlife and plant diversity, one in five New Plymouth households needs to be actively trapping rats. David MacLeod, the Taranaki Regional Councill Chairman, explains why in this short video:

Urban trapping in New Plymouth

Get involved and get trapping

Off to a good start in New Plymouth

The existing control network in New Plymouth.

Off to a good start — the existing predator control network in New Plymouth.

We’re initially focusing on two of the biggest predators in urban New Plymouth – rats and possums. And to stop predators killing urban wildlife, one in five households needs a rat trap.

New Plymouth residents interested in trapping can sign up to get a trap or attend the urban trapping workshops held regularly around the district.

The Taranaki Regional Council can support you with a range of traps and devices, offering subsidised box-tunnel rat traps that are safe around pets and children for $10. If you’re unsure about using a trap, we will also provide assistance and discuss options you’re comfortable with. To find out more, talk to us at one of these public events.

Other towns

Other urban areas in Taranaki will be included as the project continues. Please follow the link to register your interest and we'll be in touch when the project comes to your town.

Towards Predator-Free Taranaki registration(external link)


Taranaki schools are also getting involved in the project, with some selling $10 rat traps to residents as a fund raiser, and/or involving students, teachers and parents to help trap predators and monitor native plants and species.

Pick up a $10 rat trap and box at selected New Plymouth retailers - details here - or check the list of schools selling traps as fundraisers.

All Taranaki schools are invited to be part of Towards a Predator-Free Taranaki. Principals and teachers should email their school details to or

We've worked with Predator Free New Zealand to develop some handy guidelines for schools. Download them here.

Predator Free School Guidelines [PDF, 634 KB]

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