Backyard Biodiversity - Taiao Taiepa Ki Tua

Backyard Biodiversity is back! Join us to discover how you can have fun while helping the environment during lockdown.

If your backyard is bursting with biodiversity, that’s awesome. If it’s a lifeless desert, we can show you how to make your garden irresistible to native wildlife.

Backyard Biodiversity is a joint initiative between Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust and the Taranaki Regional Council. Through a series of fun videos, Rotokare and TRC environmental educators Ash and Emily guide you on discovering, protecting, and enhancing backyard habitat for native species. During the COVID-19 lockdowns in August-September 2021, New videos were posted on Tuesdays and Fridays on the Backyard Biodiversity - Taiao Taiepa Ki Tua Facebook page(external link).

Episode 1: Backyard Biodiversity is back!

Going back into lockdown, we couldn’t resist getting the band back together to make some brand-new episodes of Backyard Biodiversity. Whoop whoop!

Join us for new episodes every Tuesday and Friday throughout Levels 4 and 3. Videos and links to relevant resources will be posted here on our Facebook page and on these other platforms:

Episode 2: Fruity goodness

There’s not much native food around for our Aotearoa manu at the moment, so they love a bit of fruity goodness this time of year!

Today's task (or maybe tomorrow if it’s raining today): Set up some fruit lollipops in your backyard. Post us a picture of your set-up on our Facebook page and let us know what birds come a-feeding! For more ways to transform your backyard into a bird paradise check out Episode 7 from last year, and associated resources:

The best way to feed native manu is to plant native trees and shrubs that will provide food year-round. For top tips, check DOC's advice on attracting birds to your garden(external link).

Join us again next time to learn more about outrageously cute native backyard molluscs.

Ka kite anō au i a koutou / See you soon!

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