Backyard Biodiversity 2021 - episodes 5-6

Episodes 5 and 6 of the 2021 series of Backyard Biodiversity:

Episode 5: Moth mahi

After dark, marvellous moths or te pepe nui come out to play in your garden.

Today's task (or wait until it’s stopped raining!): We’d like you to become moth hunters! Try to find at least three different types of te pepe nui in your backyard. Go to our Facebook page(external link) and share pictures of your nighttime safari.

Thanks to a number of awesome citizen science projects, there are some phenomenal resources available for moths. Check the Ahi Pepe MothNet website(external link) for identification guides, activities for schools and everything else you ever wanted to know about te pepe nui. The Science Learning Hub(external link) also has some great information and videos.

For help with identification of your moths, upload your photos to iNaturalist NZ(external link)

Join us again next time for a season wrap-up! Ka kite anō au i a koutou / See you soon!

Episode 6: That's a wrap

We’ve been blown away by your response to our little videos! It's been inspiring to see photos of you guys smashing all of the tasks. We thought we’d finish off with some of our best and worst bloopers. Enjoy!

Forever task: Keep using your superhero powers to protect native biodiversity in your backyard and beyond!

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