Māori constituency consultation opens

The Taranaki community is invited to have its say on whether the Taranaki Regional Council should create a Māori constituency for the 2022 local authority elections.

Consultation opened today and will run through until 4pm on Friday, 19 March. The public is being asked the question: ‘Do you support the establishment of a Māori constituency for Taranaki Regional Council?’

That would mean people on the Māori electoral roll would vote for candidates standing in the Māori constituency. Voters on the general roll would continue to vote in the general constituencies. 

The Council has stated its preferred option is to introduce a Māori constituency. However councillors are keen to hear the views of the public before they make a final decision.

A hearing will be held on 6 April, where submitters can choose to present their views in person. Following the hearing, councillors will deliberate and vote on whether to proceed with a Māori constituency for the 2022 local authority elections.

If the answer is yes, a representation review will be held to confirm how many constituencies there will be, their borders and how many councillors will represent each.  

Council chairman David MacLeod says it is crucial Māori perspectives and cultural values are fairly represented and understood at the Council decision-making table, alongside those of the wider community.           

He says while the Council has been open with its preferred option, councillors will consider all feedback with open minds.

Make a submission

You can view more details, FAQs and make a submission online here.  Alternatively, call 0800 736 222 to request a paper version of the submission form or download it here [PDF, 746 KB].


19 March 2021: Submissions close.

6 April 2021: Submitters heard by the Council, decision made.

21 May 2021: Deadline to make a decision in time for the 2022 elections.

If the decision is to create a Māori constituency a representation review would then be undertaken.