Remediation NZ Ltd resource consent application declined

The Hearing Panel has declined the application by Remediation NZ for resource consents allowing discharges of contaminants to land, to water and to air.

For full details of all matters relating to our decision on this application, see the Decision document at

The Panel’s reasons for declining the application are:

  • The proposed activities will have a significant adverse effect on water quality and ecology, and we are not satisfied that the revised suite of conditions (offered by the Applicant) will adequately mitigate these effects.
  • The effects of discharges to air are unacceptable.
  • The Applicant has not engaged or consulted appropriately or meaningfully with Ngāti Mutunga, and conditions offered up after the hearing will not mitigate adverse effects on cultural values.
  • Although removal or bioremediation of the stockpiled material could be achieved, we remain concerned regarding the lack of detail and the potential long term adverse effects of the stockpiled material.
  • The application is inconsistent with Te Mana o Te Wai.
  • In terms of the effects management hierarchy, there are residual effects that are more than minor, and no offsetting or compensation has been provided by the Applicant.
  • The application is inconsistent with a number of sections of the Resource Management Act.
  • The application is inconsistent with the relevant policies of the Regional Fresh Water Plan for Taranaki.
  • The application is inconsistent with a policy in the Regional Air Quality Plan for Taranaki.

Michael Joyce, Chair, Hearing Panel

Note: Any appeals against this decision must be lodged with the Environment Court within 15 working days. The Council will make no further comment while the legal process continues.

The company can continue operating under expired resource consents while the legal process continues.