Bus fares

You can find information on Taranaki bus fares, zones and Bee Cards here. Our fares are based on how many zones you travel through, so check the zone map below and then refer to the fare structure and table to see the relevant fare.


Discounted fares

We’re pleased to confirm that the government’s announcement of the five-month nationwide reducing of public transport fares, comes into effect for Taranaki bus services from Friday 1 April, and includes Total Mobility services.

Please visit our FAQs page for more details.

Table of fares

Zones travelled Bee Card Cash
1 $1 $1.50
2 $1.50 $2
3 $2 $2.50
4 $2.50 $3

Bee Card

Bee Cards are the preferred method of contactless payment. Bee Cards cost $5, plus a minimum $5 top-up. Cash is still accepted for those who do not have a Bee Card, however you will be charged the higher cash fare.

After you have your Bee Card, make sure you then register and activate your card online to access benefits.

*You will need to top up your card with a minimum of $5 to get started

Want to know more about Bee Card? Visit our Bee Card page or visit www.beecard.co.nz(external link)