Getting vouchers

Information about ordering vouchers, available providers, fares and hoists.

How can I order a new voucher book?

There are four ways to order a new voucher book:

  • Phone — Call TM staff on 0800 868 662 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Post — Voucher books include a tear-off back cover which you fill in and post back to us.
  • Online — Use this website's online request form.
  • Email — To
Please include your full name, your Total Mobility ID card number and your postal address, and specify the type of voucher you require (yellow or blue).
You need to allow at least four working days to receive your next voucher book, so plan ahead.

Can I have two voucher books at a time please?

No. The voucher books are distributed one at a time as needed. Unless special arrangements have been made your book of 25 vouchers should last a minimum of five weeks.

Can I have a voucher book sent every five weeks?

No, you cannot automatically be sent a voucher book five-weekly, or at any other standard time interval. The books are ordered by you and posted as required.

Does the Ironside Vehicle Society take my TM taxi vouchers?

No, your vouchers are not required for you to travel with Ironside. The voucher books are for use with the approved operators only. Ironside Vehicle Society is a not-for-profit organisation, not a commercial taxi company.  Ironside provides transport for physically dependent and aged residents. They are the only operator in North Taranaki and Stratford that provides transport services for wheelchair hoist passengers.

The Council does provide some Total Mobility funding to Ironside, but this is separate from the taxi voucher system.

Ironside fares

Fares are based on the distance travelled. All fares on this table are one-way trips and are inclusive of GST.

NOTE: Ironside is not an on-call provider; it is recommended that you always pre-book wheelchair-hoist vehicles well ahead of time, particularly for weekends and public holidays as these times are covered by volunteer drivers.

Trip distance (km) Fare charged Charge to client TRC subsidy
0-5 $14 $7 $7
6-10 $24 $12 $12
11-15 $30 $15 $15
16-20 $40 $20 $20
21-25 $50 $25 $25
26-30 $62 $31 $31
31-35 $72 $36 $36
36-40 $84 $42 $42
41-45 $94 $47 $47
46-50 $106 $53 $53
Over 50 $130 $65 $65

Why is no hoist taxi service available in New Plymouth?

Wheelchair-hoist taxis are not available in Taranaki because there is insufficient demand to make this commercially viable for the companies involved. Ironside is the only operator in north or central Taranaki providing wheelchair-hoist vehicles to Total Mobility clients.

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