Variations to Regional Land Transport Plan

As with most forward planning, priorities, needs and expectations can change over the lifespan of a planning document.

Changes in transport planning can potentially require alterations to the programme of works set out in Section 5 of the Regional Land Transport Plan.

Most changes can be expected to be minor but in some cases a relatively major new project may need to be added to the programme, requiring a formal variation to a Plan. Variations to the Regional Land Transport Plan must be requested through the Regional Transport Committee for consideration by the Taranaki Regional Council.

The Council has approved the following variations to the Regional Land Transport Plan for Taranaki 2015-2021:

Date Organisation Project Summary Details
South Taranaki
District Council
Nukumaru Station Rd
Design and construction of a 6km extension of Nukumaru Station Road to Waiinu Beach Road, Waitotara, to provide resilient alternative access following severe damage to the Limeworks Bridge in the June 2015 floods. RTC agenda
NZ Transport Agency SH3 Mt Messenger bypass Addition of a new project, estimated to cost $90 million, made available through the Government's Accelerated Regional Roading Package, to improve safety, route availability, journey time and driver experience. RTC agenda
South Taranaki District Council Intersection improvement SH3/Rotokare Rd Intersection improvements to facilitate a new regional landfill. RTC agenda
NZ Transport Agency SH3 Mt Messenger to Awakino Gorge corridor improvements Addition/update of phases, costs and timing details. RTC agenda