What we do

A ‘thriving and prosperous Taranaki’ is the big picture that drives everything the Taranaki Regional Council does in four broad work streams.

The four broad work streams are:

  • Promoting the sustainable use, development and protection of our natural and physical resources.
  • Safeguarding Taranaki’s people and resources from natural and other hazards.
  • Promoting and providing for significant services, amenities and infrastructure.
  • Representing Taranaki’s interests and contributions regionally, nationally and internationally.

The Council strives to lead with responsibility, to work co-operatively, to encourage community participation, and to take into account the Treaty of Waitangi.

You can download the Council's Local Governance Statement from this page. The statement explains how the Council engages with the community, how it makes decisions and how citizens can influence those processes.

This video puts the Council's work into a regional perspective:

Local Governance Statement 2016-2019

The Taranaki Regional Council Local Governance Statement provides information about the processes through which the Council engages with its community; how it makes decisions; and how citizens can influence those processes.

Taranaki Regional Council Local Governance Statement 2016-2019 (single document only)

Standing Orders

These standing orders are intended to enable the orderly conduct Council meetings. They incorporate legislative provisions relating to meetings, decision making and transparency. They also include practical guidance to ensure statutory provisions are complied with, and the spirit of the legislation fulfilled.

Standing Orders (single document only)