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Full Council

The full Council generally meets every six weeks.

Consents & Regulatory

The Consents and Regulatory Committee deals with resource consents, compliance monitoring and pollution incidents. Generally meets every six weeks.

Policy & Planning

The Policy and Planning Committee deals with all policy matters, whether developed in-house or by third parties. Generally meets every six weeks.

Executive, Audit & Risk Committee

The Executive, Audit and Risk Committee deals with administrative and financial matters relating to the Council’s operations, budgets and works programme.

Other committees

The Regional Transport Committee, the Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group and the Taranaki Solid Waste Management Committee are administered by the Taranaki Regional ...

Meetings schedule

Standing Orders

These standing orders are intended to enable the orderly conduct Council meetings. They incorporate legislative provisions relating to meetings, decision making and transparency. They also include practical guidance to ensure statutory provisions are complied with, and the spirit of the legislation fulfilled.

Standing Orders (1.1 MB pdf) (single document only)

Committee memberships (2016-2019)


Consents and Regulatory Committee

Chairperson: Cr Michael Joyce.

Deputy Chairperson: Cr Tom Cloke.

Members: Cr Mike Davey, Cr Charlotte Littlewood, Cr Matthew McDonald, Cr Bev Raine, Cr Neil Walker.

Ex officio: Cr David MacLeod, Cr David Lean.

External appointments: Fay Mulligan, Hoani Eriwata and Keith Holswich (Iwi).

Policy and Planning Committee

Chairperson: Cr Neil Walker.

Deputy Chairperson: Cr Charlotte Littlewood.

Members: Cr Michael Joyce, Cr Donald McIntyre, Bev Raine, Cr Craig Williamson.

Ex officio: Cr David MacLeod. Cr David Lean.

External appointments: Cr Richard Jordan (NPDC); Cr Grant Boyde (Stratford DC); Cr Phil Nixon/Cr Clem Coxhead (STDC); Phill Muir (Federated Farmers); John Hooker, Emily Bailey and Mitchell Ritai (Iwi).

Regional Transport Committee

Chairperson: Cr Craig Williamson.

Deputy Chairperson: Cr Matthew McDonald.

Alternate Members: Cr Tom Cloke, Cr David MacLeod.

External appointments: Cr Harry Duynhoven/Cr Shaun Biesiek (NPDC); Mayor Neil Volzke/Cr Alan Jamieson (Stratford DC); Mayor Ross Dunlop/Cr Phil Nixon (STDC); Parekawhia McLean/Ross l'Anson (NZ Transport Agency).

Executive, Audit and Risk Committee

Chairperson: Cr David Lean.

Members: Cr Tom Cloke, Cr Michael Joyce, Cr David MacLeod. Cr Neil Walker, Cr Craig Williamson.


Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group*

TRC appointment: Cr Tom Cloke (Chairperson).

Alternate Member: Cr David MacLeod.

Other Members: Mayor Neil Holdom/Cr Richard Jordan (NPDC); Mayor Neil Volzke/Cr Kelvin Squire (Stratford DC); Mayor Ross Dunlop/Cr Phil Nixon (STDC).

Taranaki Solid Waste Management Committee*

TRC appointment: Cr Neil Walker (Chairperson).

Alternate Member: Cr David Lean.

Other Members: Cr Richard Handley/Cr Murray Chong (NPDC); Cr Alan Jamieson/Cr Jono Erwood (Stratford DC); Cr Bryan Roach/Cr Steffy Mackay (STDC).

Yarrow Stadium Joint Committee**

TRC appointments: Cr Michael Joyce, Cr Craig Williamson.

Other Members: Mayor Neil Holdom, Cr Alan Melody (NPDC).

* Administered by TRC
** Administered by NPDC


Taranaki Biodiversity Trust

TRC representative: Cr Michael Joyce.

Board of Pukeiti and Pukeiti Trust Fund

TRC appointment to Board of Pukeiti: Cr Donald McIntyre.

TRC appointment to Pukeiti Trust Fund: Cr Bev Raine.

Board of Port Taranaki Ltd

TRC Directors: Cr Charlotte Littlewood, Cr David MacLeod.

Taranaki TB Free Committee 

TRC appointment: Cr Matthew McDonald.

Dairy Trust Taranaki

TRC appointment: Cr Michael Joyce

State Highway 3 Working Party

TRC appointments: Cr Craig Williamson, Cr Matthew McDonald.

Stock Truck Effluent Working Party

TRC appointment: Cr Tom Cloke.

Local Government NZ Regional Affairs Committee and Zone 3 Group

TRC representative: Cr David MacLeod.

Taranaki Stadium Trust

Cr Mike Davey, M J Nield (Director-Corporate Services).

Regional Software Holdings Ltd

TRC appointment: M J Nield (Director-Corporate Services).

Alternate: B G Chamberlain (Chief Executive).