Meetings during pandemic alert

During the current COVID-19 alert status it, is not possible for Taranaki Regional Council to conduct its meetings at a publicly accessible physical location. All Council meetings are being held remotely, with all participating members counting for the purpose of the meeting quorum in accordance with clause 25B of Schedule 7 to the Local Government Act 2002.

Committee meetings are on hold until after the current COVID-19 alert status.

Attending meetings

All Council meetings will be held via Zoom. You are able to attend these meetings (except for any Public Excluded session). To attend a meeting, please contact us (email for access instructions. We ask that you mute your microphone while you are not speaking at the meeting.

See dates and times for upcoming and previous meetings. Select individual entries for access to agendas and minutes.

Committee memberships (2019-2022)


Consents and Regulatory Committee

Chairperson: David Lean.

Deputy Chairperson: Craig Williamson.

Members: Tom Cloke, Mike Davey, Charlotte Littlewood, Donald McIntyre, Elvisa Van Der Leden.

Ex officio: David MacLeod, Michael Joyce.

External appointments: Emily Bailey, Mitchell Ritai, Keith Holswich (Iwi).

Policy and Planning Committee

Chairperson: Charlotte Littlewood.

Deputy Chairperson: Neil Walker.

Members: Mike Davey, Matthew McDonald, Donald McIntyre, Craig Williamson, Elvisa Van Der Leden.

Ex officio: David MacLeod, Michael Joyce.

External appointments: Stacey Hitchcock/alt Richard Jordan (NPDC), Grant Boyde (Stratford DC), Chris Young/alt Brian Rook (STDC), Phill Muir (Fed Farmers), Bonita Bigham, Peter Moeahu, Louise Tester (Iwi).

Regional Transport Committee

Chairperson: Matthew McDonald.

Deputy Chairperson: Tom Cloke.

Alternate Member: David MacLeod.

External appointments: Harry Duynhoven/alt Colin Johnston (NPDC), Mayor Neil Volzke/alt Jono Erwood (Stratford DC), Mayor Phil Nixon/alt Robert Nothcott (STDC), Ross l'Anson/alt Mark Owen (NZ Transport Agency).

Executive, Audit and Risk Committee

Chairperson: Neil Walker.

Members: Tom Cloke, David Lean, Charlotte Littlewood, Matthew McDonald.

Ex officio: David MacLeod, Michael Joyce

External appointment: Bruce Robertson

Waitara River Committee

To be confirmed


Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

TRC appointment: Tom Cloke.

Alternate Member: David MacLeod.

Other Members: Mayor Neil Holdom/alt Richard Jordan (NPDC), Mayor Neil Volzke/alt Alan Jamieson (Stratford DC), Mayor Phil Nixon/alt Robert Northcott (STDC).

Taranaki Solid Waste Management Committee

TRC appointment: Neil Walker.

Alternate Member: Donald McIntyre.

Other Members: Richard Handley/alt Murray Chong (NPDC), Alan Jamieson/alt Mayor Neil Volzke (Stratford DC), Bryan Roach/alt Mark Bellringer (STDC).

Yarrow Stadium Joint Committee

TRC appointments: To be confirmed.

Other Members: To be confirmed.


Wild for Taranaki

TRC representative: Michael Joyce.

Board of Pukeiti and Pukeiti Trust Fund

TRC appointment to Board of Pukeiti: Donald McIntyre.

TRC appointment to Pukeiti Trust Fund: Charlotte Littlewood.

Board of Port Taranaki Ltd

TRC Directors: Charlotte Littlewood, David MacLeod.

Taranaki Regional Animal Health Advisory Committee 

TRC appointment: Matthew McDonald.

State Highway 3 Working Party

TRC appointments: Craig Williamson, Matthew McDonald.

Stock Truck Effluent Working Party

TRC appointment: Tom Cloke.

Local Government NZ Regional Sector Group and Zone 3 Group

TRC representative: David MacLeod.

Taranaki Stadium Trust

Elvisa Van Der Leden, Mike Nield (Director-Corporate Services)

Regional Software Holdings Ltd

TRC appointment: Mike Nield (Director-Corporate Services).

Alternate: Basil Chamberlain (Chief Executive).