Consent compliance monitoring reports

The environmental performance of consent holders is closely monitored by the Council, with results reported to the community.


Monitored consent-holders include farmers and others taking water for irrigation, piggeries and a fertiliser storage area.

Coastal structures

These reports relate to permits held by New Plymouth and South Taranaki District Council for structures such as jetties, outfalls, boat ramps and erosion protection measures.


Monitored consent holders include Taranaki's major industries, as well as smaller operations. The latter are typically grouped by activity class or by location.

Landfills, cleanfills & green waste

These reports cover monitoring programmes at sites that are currently operational and at sites that are now closed.

Oil & gas - drilling

Many of these reports relate to one-off operations of an exploratory nature.

Oil & gas - hydraulic fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is commonly referred to as fraccing, fracking or hydrofraccing.

Oil & gas - production

These monitored consent holders process oil and gas from onshore and offshore oil and gas fields in Taranaki.

Oil & gas - waste treatment & disposal

These reports cover the processes known as landfarming and deep well injection.


These monitored consent holders operate at a number of sites across the region.

Wastewater treatment & disposal

These reports cover large-scale municipal systems and as well as those serving small communities.

Water supplies

These reports cover the major water supply schemes in all three Districts in Taranaki.