Strategy, policy & plans

These core documents set out the Council's strategic direction and its policies and rules under the Resource Management Act, Biosecurity Act and Local Government Act.

Long-Term Plan 2015/2025

The Long-Term Plan sets out the Council's strategy, programmes and budgets in detail for the coming three years and in broad outline for a further seven years.

Regional Policy Statement

The Regional Policy Statement for Taranaki provides an overview of the region's resource management issues. It sets out high-level policy that must be reflected by all four Taranak...

Regional Fresh Water Plan

The Regional Fresh Water Plan promotes sustainable management of the region's freshwater resources by applying rules and conditions to various activities. The Plan is currently und...

Regional Soil Plan

The Regional Soil Plan addresses soil loss and soil health issues largely by non-regulatory methods, though there are limited rules. The Plan is currently under review.

Regional Coastal Plan

The Regional Coastal Plan promotes sustainable management of natural and physical resources in the coastal marine areas and includes legally enforceable rules. The Plan is currentl...

Regional Air Quality Plan

Air quality in Taranaki is of a high natural standard and the Regional Air Quality Plan for Taranaki sets out policies and rules to keep it that way.

Biodiversity Strategy & Accord

The Biodiversity Strategy has guided the Council in its biodiversity-related activities and led to the successful Accord.

Pest animal & pest plant strategies

These strategies provide the framework for the Council's management of what are significant threats to agriculture, animal and human health, and natural ecosystems. The strategies ...

Transport planning documents

The Council plays a key role in regional transport, both in service delivery and in planning and advocacy.

Waste management & minimisation strategy

This regional strategy focuses on efficient resource use; recovery, re-use and recycling; and the ultimate safe disposal of any waste material.

Marine oil spill contingency plan

This operational plan sets out the way the Council would respond to a 'Tier 2' (regional-scale) marine oil spill.

Civil Defence Group Plan

This Plan sets out the region's hazards and risks and arrangements for managing preparedness and response.