Urban development capacity

The Taranaki Regional Council and New Plymouth District Council have worked together on these documents relating to the Government's National Policy Statement for Urban Development Capacity.

Urban development capacity in the New Plymouth district

This document outlines the requirements of the 2016 NPS for Urban Development Capacity, and how the Taranaki Regional Council and New Plymouth District Council are working together to meet them.

Urban development Capacity in the New Plymouth District (326 KB pdf) (single document only)

Urban Development Indicators quarterly monitoring reports

Housing & business development capacity assessment

This assessment, completed by New Plymouth District Council, covers the demand for housing and business land and the region's capacity to meet this demand. It provides an evidence-based report to help with planning and decision-making, and feeds into development of New Plymouth’s Proposed District Plan. The assessment implements the objectives and policies of the 2016 National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (NPS-UDC).

Housing & Business Development Capacity Assessment 2019 (4.1 MB pdf) (single document only)