Oākura Pā - Okorotua Marae

Contact Oākura pā - Okorotua marae

SH45, Oākura

Postal address
PO Box 246, Taranaki Mail Centre, New Plymouth 4340

Bookings: Beena Flower
Phone: : 06 751 0494 or 027 771 8585
email: beena75@xtra.co.nz

Taranaki Iwi

Member Hapū
Not known

Keith Manukonga
Phone: 027 752 0004
email: Keith4ani@gmail.com

Sharron Steen
Phone: 027 243 1507
email: thesteens@hotmail.com

Related organisation / Komiti

Oākura Pā Committee

Chairperson: Keith Manukonga
Address: 13 Cumming Street, Okato 4335
Phone: 06 752 4421

Oākura pā - Okorotua marae


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