Yarrow Stadium

All you need to know about the redevelopment of Yarrow Stadium.

State-of-the-art hybrid turf on the way

GrassMaster - the stitched hybrid grass solution

Yarrow Stadium's main pitch is to get ‘GrassMaster’ hybrid turf – a blend of natural turf grown through and among artificial fibre that give the pitch a longer life with shorter recovery times that can triple the amount of weekly playing time compared with conventional turf. See more details

Yarrow Stadium redevelopment - what, why and how

Our vision: The best regional stadium in New Zealand that regularly hosts local, regional, national, and international sports and entertainment events.

Yarrow Stadium updates

Keep up with progress in the redevelopment of Yarrow Stadium

Big moments at Yarrow Stadium

Hundreds of us in Taranaki have special memories of big moments at Yarrow Stadium, when we were caught up in the excitement of a top-class sporting fixture or a daredevil display.

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