The region's natural resources - water, land, coast and air - are managed and protected by the Taranaki Regional Council

Working together

Find out how we can work together for the benefit of Taranaki's communities, environment and economy.

Resource consents

The Council can issue consents allowing you to use or take resources, discharge into air or water or on to land, or work in river, stream or lake beds, or in the Coastal Marine Are...

Hazards & protection

Risk reduction, readiness, response and recovery are key Council duties relating to hazards.


A major focus of the Council is to ensure the health of Taranaki's rivers and streams, and to monitor them regularly.

Land & farming

Land underpins our economy, and the way it's used has a big influence on freshwater quality. The Council works closely with farmers and others to ensure land use is sustainable.


Our dramatic coastline is rich in history and marine ecosystems. The Council aims to maintain the high quality of marine waters and ensure coastal developments are in tune with env...


Taranaki Is one of only two regions in New Zealand that have not exceeded national standards for air quality. The Council aims to keep it this way with effective regulation and goo...