Harbour management

Council bylaws for Port Taranaki and its approaches establish a safe area for swimmers and bathers.

This includes a dedicated ski access lane and boat mooring area, and a safe area within the shelter of the port breakwaters that can be used by water skiers, windsurfers and jet skis that need to travel at speeds faster than 5 knots.

Harbour management bylaw areas.

Harbour management bylaw areas.

The bylaws, reviewed in 2009, establish four zones:

  • Reserve Area A (yellow on map) - where the 5 knot speed restrictions apply. This provides an area off Ngamotu beach and the boat mooring area for swimmers and other recreational users.
  • Reserve Area B (green on map) - where the Part 91 speed restrictions under clause 91.6(1)(b) are uplifted, allowing an area within the safety of the Port breakwaters for waterskiers and other recreation users.
  • Reserve Area C (red on map) - in the vicinity of the wharfs is reserved to ensure safe and efficient Port operations. Small craft and public cannot enter this area.
  • Water ski-access lane (black on map) - an access lane at the end of Ngamotu Beach where speed restrictions have been lifted to provide access to Reserve Area B for small vessels towing waterskiers. Jetskis and boats not towing waterskiers must still observe the 5 knot limit in this lane.

Harbour masters and deputy harbour masters may enforce all of the requirements of Maritime Rules Part 91 relating to things such as vessel speed, water skiing or towing, wearing of personal flotation devices and so on.

The Council’s bylaws also give the harbourmaster or any honorary enforcement officer powers to stop a vessel. Organisers of temporary events can apply for temporary suspension of the bylaws.