On-farm essential freshwater

Regulations affecting freshwater are in a state of change which will continue.
We've broken down exactly what the essential freshwater rules mean for your farm.

Government consultation

The Government is consulting and seeking feedback on:

Essential freshwater consultation Consultation close date

Proposed changes to the low-slope map in the stock exclusion rules. (external link)

Find out more(external link).

26 Sep 2021

The implementation and transition into the new freshwater farm plan system.

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26 Sep 2021

Proposed changes to the intensive winter grazing regulations.

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 7 Oct 2021

Proposed changes to natural wetland provisions.

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27 Oct 2021

We are reviewing the consultation discussion documents and the Taranaki Regional Council will make submissions based on the interests of the region. 

We're here to help

If you would like more information about the new rules and how they might affect you please call 0800 736 222. If you have questions about whether you need resource consent, you can also email info@trc.govt.nz.

Intensive winter grazing

Good management practice is important when undertaking intensive winter grazing (IWG). You need to ensure there are no adverse environmental effects.

Synthetic nitrogen fertiliser cap

The amount of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser applied to land in pastoral land use has been capped at 190kgN/ha/year. This rule only applies to dairy farms. 

Intensification and land-use change

Intensification includes conversions of plantation forestry to pastoral land use and any land to dairy farmland.

Stock exclusion

The stock exclusion regulations prohibit the access of cattle, pigs and deer to wetlands, lakes and rivers wider than one metre anywhere on the property.

Feedpads, feedlots and stock holding areas

Feedlots and other stockholding areas will need to meet a series of minimum standards concerning permeability, effluent management, and proximity to water bodies including drains.

Structures in rivers and lakes

If you want to build a new structure, such as a culvert, weir, dam, ford, or flap gate it is important to consider the new rules and whether you will need to apply for resource con...


Protecting wetlands for their water quality and biodiversity values is a priority for the Council.