Liquid waste disposal & septic tanks

This information is particularly relevant for those outside the reach of municipal wastewater systems operated by District Councils.

If you want to dispose of trade or commercial waste into water (a stream or river), you’ll need a resource consent from the Regional Council.

If you’re discharging trade waste into a community wastewater system, you’ll need to comply with any trade waste bylaws or rules imposed by your District Council.

Domestic wastewater (septic tanks)

You generally don’t need a resource consent for a septic tank, as long as it’s more than 25m from a stream or more than 50m from a water supply well or spring. You must also make sure there’s no surface ponding, there’s no runoff into a stream and there are no significant environmental effects.

If it’s unlikely you can meet these conditions, you’ll have to apply for a resource consent.

You’ll also have to comply with the requirements of you district council.