Land & farming

Land underpins our economy, and the way it's used has a big influence on freshwater quality. The Council works closely with farmers and others to ensure land use is sustainable.

Farming for the future

Free farm plans from the Taranaki Regional Council can help dairy farmers and hillcountry farmers future-proof their livelihoods.


Both exotic and native forest plantation play an important part in soil conservation in the Taranaki.

Soil health

Taranaki soils are generally in excellent condition with very few long-term issues.

Pest management

Rural communities have worked with the Council over many years to control pests such as possums and ragwort. The effort continues, against new threats and old.


The Council's biodiversity work is primarily focused on private land, helping farmers and other landowners to restore and enhance key native ecosystems.

Land & site works

Find out about your responsibilities and obligations if you're planning site works, earthworks, stream diversion, dam construction or refuse disposal in Taranaki.