April 2024 rainfall

There was a north-south divide in Taranaki rainfall last month with Manganui at Everett Park having 74% more rain than usual compared with the 60% less rain at Kaupokonui at Glenn Rd.

The average rainfall for the region was 166.1mm, 11% more than usual, and year to date rainfall ranges from 41% less rainfall at Waitotara at Hawken Rd, and 16% more rainfall at Kotare at OSullivans, with an average of 11% less than normal.

Mean river flows were 36% greater than typical values, low flows were 2.4% lower and high flows 43.6% greater than typical values. Mean river (non-mountain) water temperatures were 13.7°C, an average of 0.2°C cooler than long-term April values.

The average air temperature for the region (excluding Te Maunga sites) was 13.9°C, which is 0.4°C cooler than long-term average. The maximum air temperature recorded in April was 25.54°C at Waitotara at Hawken Rd, on 10 April at 1.30pm.

The maximum wind gust recorded in April was 114.9km/hr at Taungatara at Eltham Rd, on 11 April at 1am. April average wind speeds were 12.9km/hr, with average gust strength of 37.8km/hr, these were 0.4km/hr lighter, and 2.3km/hr weaker than usual.

April 2024 Environmental Data Report [PDF, 3.5 MB]

April 2024 rainfall maps

What you should know:

  1. The site maps show data from a selection of the sites we monitor, but not all of them.

  2. The distribution maps are based on mathematical modelling and may not accurately represent actual rainfall in some unmonitored areas.

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