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Latest data*

Site mm More Detail links
Brooklands Zoo at New Plymouth 0.0 mm More
Dawson Falls 0.5 mm More
Hillsborough 0.5 mm More
Inglewood 0.5 mm More
Kapoaiaia at Kahui Hut 0.0 mm More
Kapoaiaia at Cape Egmont 0.4 mm More
Kaupokonui at Glenn Rd 0.0 mm More
Ahititi 2.0 mm More
Mangaehu at Huinga 1.0 mm More
Mangati at SH3 0.6 mm More
Mangorei Upper at Forest Hill 0.0 mm More
Motunui 2.0 mm More
Ngutuwera 0.0 mm More
North Egmont at Visitors Centre 0.0 mm More
Omahine at Moana Trig 1.0 mm More
Omaru at Charlies 0.0 mm More
North of Patea 0.0 mm More
Stratford 1.0 mm More
Pohokura Saddle 1.0 mm More
Stony at Mangatete Bridge 0.0 mm More
Taungatara at Eltham Rd 0.5 mm More
Tawhiti at Whareroa 0.0 mm More
Uruti at Kaka Rd 1.0 mm More
Waitotara at Hawken Rd 0.0 mm More
Waitotara at Rimunui Station 0.5 mm More
Waiwhakaiho at Egmont Village 0.0 mm More
Waiwhakaiho Valley 0.5 mm More

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*NZST (NZ Standard Time)
Provisional data only