Resource consents

The Council can issue consents allowing you to use or take resources, discharge into air or water or on to land, or work in river, stream or lake beds, or in the Coastal Marine Area.

Applying for consents

Find out how the resource consent application process works, what you need to do, and how long it may take.

Resource consent application forms

Choose between online application forms (not yet available for all consent types) or downloadable PDFs (available for all consent types).

Deposits & charges

An initial deposit is required when you apply for a resource consent.

Submissions & pre-hearings & hearings

How different views are taken into account during the resource consents process.

Resource consents issued

Find out which activities have been granted resource consents by the Council, and where.

Compliance monitoring

The environmental performance of consent holders is closely monitored by the Council, with results reported to the community.