Recycling & waste minimisation

Do yourself and the environment a favour - REDUCE the amount of waste you generate, REUSE material instead of discarding it, RECYCLE anything you can.

Zero Waste Taranaki

See the Zero Waste Taranaki page(external link) for useful waste minimisation tips and information for your home, school, farm or business.

Taranaki Solid Waste Management Committee

The Taranaki Regional Council administers the Taranaki Solid Waste Management Committee, which is made up of representatives of all four of the region's Councils.

See Solid Waste Committee meeting dates, agendas and minutes

Report dumped rubbish (fly tipping)

If you find dumped rubbish that might pollute a waterway, call 0800 736 222 straight away. Otherwise, use our online form to report dumped rubbish