Hollard Gardens tips and tricks

As we say goodbye to summer, the garden is still bursting with the vibrant colours of flowering perennials, keeping our visitors smiling.

Here at Hollard Gardens, we're always looking ahead, planning for what's next. Right now, we're busy identifying plants for division or relocation in the coming Autumn/Winter months and carefully considering which large trees need succession planning. The idea is to maintain the garden for years to come.

We're big on education here, especially when it comes to gardening. That's why we've got more workshops lined up for autumn and winter, covering everything from growing your own food to nifty gardening tricks.

We've taken all the handouts from previous workshops and made them available for everyone at Bernie’s Shed, our dedicated education space. You'll find tips on caring for tools, composting, creating food forests, pruning fruit trees, gardening with kids, growing berries and garlic, making homemade fertilisers and sprays, starting a vegetable garden, creating mini orchards, pruning ornamental plants, saving seeds, setting up straw bale gardens, exploring herbs, and even learning about worm farming.

Next time you're at Hollard Gardens, be sure to stop by Bernie’s Shed and pick up some practical tips for your garden.

Head Gardener Shannon